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How to save large number torrent collection?

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The torrent collection number > 757,000

The database peer_shares.xml crash everytime. can't saved successful after exit bitcomet.

windows xp , cpu i7 950 , memory 3G ,

can you do some optimize for it ?

Maybe use other database is good way and saved automatically every 10 minutes.

How about .mdb ? .docx ? .accdb ? sqlite ?

Or split the peer_shares.xml every 200,000 ,like

peer_shares1.xml peer_shares2.xml




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Torrent collection is a list of torrents being shared by all connected peers. Saving this list would be meaningless because you can only start one of them while your connected to the peer that's offering it. If you want to save one for later, just start the task and select "download later" in the dialog box.

ps. even though torrent files are very small, you don't want bitcomet downloading them because there could potentially be millions of them and the amount of overhead wasted on downloading unwanted torrents would destroy your performance. I can't imagine anyone actually wanting to collect all those actual torrents, and saving the list would be useless without the actual torrent that goes with them.

In addition, if every peer I connected to requested every torrent I was sharing, I'd soon turn off the option, or switch clients, because it would kill my bandwidth too.

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You can't save that list irrespective of it's size, for obvious reasons which TUUS tried to explain to you, even though you seem to be missing his explanation.

I was under the impression that the sheer size of the list might be the issue for you, that's why I said you can reduce its size.

Apparently you want something different, and the answer to that question is no.

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