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Slow down going to next episode

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Im watching shows and when the next episode loads up it slows down massively and it only does it sometimes. ive tried reinstalling mpc star and nothing. so i wonder if there is anyway to fix this. how i temp fix it is going back an episode and going forward back to the episode. i tried looking in the playback speed and nothing was changed.

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Or you could transcode all of the episodes to the same bitrate, but watch out for quality issues when you do that. If this is something you're going to keep and watch again, that would be a more permanent solution.

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Actually many modern encoding methods use variable bitrate, so if you convert it to a fixed bitrate, your 1gb file could suddenly become 10gb.

Generally if the video is properly encoded with the right indexes and settings that comply with the proper standards, then you shouldn't have this problem, but many people make non-compliant video to help squeeze higher quality into them without larger file sizes, so this can be the result. If the video plays correctly when the player is restarted, then that would be the best solution in my opinion.

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