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an intraduction about me!!!!

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hai dear friends!!! iam Timy Sebastian from india-kerala.

iam happy to join this wonderful group.

about me, iam a visually impaired person (blind person).

iam using our foram, as well as bitcomet clind with the help of one talking software (screen reader ).

the name of the software is JAWS (Job access with speach).

about this screen reader, it will announce what ever appear in the screen in anywhere, that might be internet, or torent clind, anywhere in the computer.

and more about me, iam a comadi artist.

I did lots of shows in some TV channels also.

once again, thanks bitcomet support team for this wonderful foram.

thanks in advance yours,


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Welcome to the forum Timy.

We hope you enjoy bitcomet and I find it very interesting that a blind person can successfully use it. I am a bit curious how your screen-reader software works, I imagine that it can be confusing if it reads everything on the screen. I imagine trying to separate the text of the message from the other text displayed by the forum, your web browser, advertisements, etc... I also wonder how it's able to deal with internet slang and misspelled words. I noticed both of your posts had several spelling errors, but considering they were posted by a blind man, they are amazingly good, very impressive and easy to understand.

Thank you very much for sharing your story with us and on behalf of all our forum staff, and the entire bitcomet team, we wish you well.

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Dear sir, thank you for your great reply.

I got your doubt, and the answers are so simple.

your doubts are:

I imagine trying to separate the text of the message from the other text displayed by the forum, your web browser, advertisements, etc.

dear sir, this screen reader is not a simple one, its having its on dictionary and spelling and grammar checking tools ect ect.

but because of some irritation iam not using it now.

not only that, the person can custamise how they are liking.

for example,

there are three level:

those are,

highlited, all, nun.

if we put on the highlited mode it will read only fasific item, not hole one.

but if it in a all mode, it will read everything on the screen.

but in the case of nun, it will only read if we are used our reading commands, that is insert (numpard 0)downarrow.

about advertisements and all, we will use letter n that is, read only text navigation.

then it won't read some kind of unwanted advertisements.

like, we have lots of keyboard commands

H for headings, C for combo boxes, R for radio buttons, B for buttons ect ect.

If we want to bookmark any purticular line in a webpage we are using shift control k for adding the book mark.

for navigating to purticular bookmark, according to jaws that is, place markers we will use letter K.

previous place marker that is shift K.

in short, if the person good at in the keyboard commands, he or, she can navigate any webpages without any dificulty!!!

want to test this screen reader jaws??

please visit this link:


under download section u can download jaws demo version according to your wish.

we are not atall using mouse!!!

all the commands are using with the help of keyboard.

thanks for reading this long reply.



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