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quite a handful of problems

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hi everyone,

I guess this is my first time posting around here so I need to introduce my system config. I'm running windows home premium 64 bit, came bundled with my hp touchsmart laptop, windows security essential suite, 2MB ADSL connection, and 64 bit version of bitcomet (only lately after upgrading) two things happened after the last time I updated and upgraded from my 32-bit version of bitcomet to the 64bit version:

1. All my torrent history is gone! none of it is left. I upgraded to the 64 bit version of bitcomet, and right after that I uninstalled the 32 bit comet version using revo uninstaller pro. Now, I don't know if this means the whole history list if completely erased or is it stil retained within a hidden registry directory or value, in any case its gone and I was wondering if there's a way to get it back? ( I forgot to mention one thing, when I installed the 64 bit version it showed the history list and the my currently downloading task just like the 32 bit version, and after I uninstalled the 32 bit version, that history is gone)

2. The second problem is, during the time when I was upgrading to the 64 bit version, I already was downloading a single huge directory of several hundred GB of data lying filled with myltilayered subdirectories. All of these downloads are videos, and by the time (now I"m currently left with some partially incomplete files with .bc extension) if theres' s a way to redownload those files again I would truly appreciate it" I already tried to redirect bittorrent to their position but it won't download them again or even see them..(I just really need some help on this issue thank you all for any help very appreciated indeed)

Thank you

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The current task list is contained in a file named "downloads.xml".

There is an advanced setting, "system.use_app_data", which can be set to "true" or "false", which partially controls the location of the file. If it is set to "true" then the file will be stored in the %appdata% directory.

If it is set to false, then the file will be stored within the application's program directory:

  • In a 32-bit system, this will be, by default, C:\Program Files\BitComet

  • In a 64-bit system running 32-bit Bitcomet, the default will be c:\Program Files (i86)\BitComet

  • In a 64-bit system running 64-big BitComet, the default will be c:\Program Files\BitComet

Can you see why the file would "disappear" when you transition from 32-bit BC to 64-bit?

When you want to resume a task, you must make certain that the task's download directory is pointing to the right place. You can do this using the Manual hash-check option. If you are pointing to the wrong place, the check finishes VERY quickly, and shows that you have 0% downloaded. If you are pointing to the right place, then the hash check goes much slower (since there is actually something to be checked), and the % downloaded amount should end up with the amount you had finished downloading before. It can be tricky to get the download directory pointed to the right place -- not a folder too high on the tree, or a folder too low.

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Also, if you uninstall using bitcomet's uninstaller it won't delete any of your settings, history or config files, if you use a 3rd party unistaller it is likely to delete everything. This is not recommended unless you never want to reinstall an app, or in a case where your config files are corrupt and you understand you will lose all history and configuration files.

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kluelos and The UnusualSuspect, I thank you both so much for your advices. Unfortunately, part about the program location changing when moving from 32-bit ot 64-bit and the subsequent removal of the old directory by a 3d party removal program such as RevoUninstaller Pro has unfortunately led to the elimination of any trace of my previous downloads list, and now all I"m left with is a bunch of unfinished files...I got the part about pointing my downloads to the same directory where the unfinished downloads are located, and I've already tried that before when I tried to redownload the same directory again, and did the rehash process and worked before..Thank you so much for hour help guys, I thank you so much.

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