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Severel errors in bitcomet

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My bitcomet has severel bugs, like, efter a couple of hours, it like freez the window, and it slows down the whole computer, and if i try to shut it dow, og stop all task, delete em, it doesn't repond.. it still downloads and finishes tasks, but i have to shut it down, so errors in the task may accure.

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I suggest you make an effort to provide the required information when asking for help. These people aren't mind readers and aren't paid to help you, so the least you could do is accurately describe your system and the problems.

Also, unless you have a poor understanding of the English language, we expect members to use proper spelling and grammar. This is an international forum and a phrase like

it like freez the window

makes little sense. If your understanding of English is really that limited, then we'll do our best to help you, but if this is just someone being to lazy to type a complete sentence, then it's unacceptable.

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