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HELP! Can't get rid of YELLOW LIGHT (listen port)

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Ok - I did everything suggested in the software AND hardware firewall sections, everything seems to be done CORRECTLY, yet I still cannot get rid of this stupid yellow light! I even followed instructions to open EVERY available port! I am stuck and cannot figure anything else out. I may have done something wrong of course, since I'm no expert, so now I'm here for assistance please:

BitComet 1.29

Clear Wireless 4g modem with wireless

Windows xp home edition 2002, service pack 3, 32 bit

WIXFBR-131 (Model of Clear Modem/wifi router)

Tried DMZ but may have done it wrong.

Looked up the modem and it has instructions for port forwarding, so it's supposedly possible.

Also have a zyxel-p320w router and did all the port forwarding for that as well, although my computer is plugged into the Clear modem.

Am ready to provide any other information necessary to get this taken care of!!

Thanks for your help!

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AFAIK most mobile wireless connections are firewalled at the ISP site.

The menus may be there in the software without the ISP having actually unblocked your incoming connections on their routers.

So, you better check with them and confirm that your incoming connections are not blocked at their side.

There's no point in banging your head against the walls until you clear that up.

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mobile broadband, or wwan connections have never allowed incoming unsolicited connections. Think of it as a telephone that won't ring when someone calls, you can still talk to anyone, but you have to call them, they can't call you. Unless your provider will allow you a dedicated port to receive incoming connections on, you'll never get efficient p2p downloading to work. You can still download, but your performance will suffer.

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