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Setting up Bitcomet with TOR

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I am using this network provided by my landlord and it comes with the apartment.

some of the websites have been blocked using Untangled because it is a

student housing.

I can use tor to get into blocked websites and browse but i dont seem to be able to

configure Bitcomet with TOR..i also tried with utorrent and its useless.

Bitcomet shows Port Detection Failed and login also doesnot work "Connecting to server or Unable to login"

I donot have access to router or anything so i cannot change any settings,

Can anyone help me with this?

My OS is Win 7 64 bits and bitcomet is V 1.32.


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Don't do it, not only is it against the rules, but you'll totally cripple the tor network that is hosted by volunteers, and trying to move comparably massive amounts of data through a dozen volunteers computers for no reason whatsoever is beyond rude.

Also, you'll never get efficient p2p downloading to work without an open port in the router, and even if it were allowed on TOR, you'd need cooporation from every person you connect to in the tor network in order for it to work, and since they are all anonymous, you'd have no way to ask for their help, and even if you could, they often change so it would be a futile effort, so I can think of many reasons why TOR won't work, besides the fact that you'd be destroying the network for everyone else.

If you want to use p2p downloading in student housing, the best option is to rent a seedbox, let it run your torrents and you can download the files direct to your pc using ftp.

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