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Doubt of Peers and Seeds ^^


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thanks for anwser ^^ i try to make more easy so in one site of torrent like torrent reactor if you want to download a torrent who is very old the site have a option seeds/leechs and the option check it now and appears -1/-1 like minus 1 seed and minus 1 peer so this minus mean that is lacking people to seed and to leech right ????

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I've never encountered an index site which counts the number of peers in negative numbers.

That may be the site's funny way of telling you that there's no way on Earth that you're going to be able to download that torrent (as far as tracker reports are concerned) or it could be a bug in the web site interface and in that case you probably need to ignore entirely anything in that column.

As I say, I've never seen negative numbers counting the number of peers, so I can only guess.

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