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Little help needed


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I was hoping other members here would have this, I am looking for the free updates for FEAR, I just bought this game and installed it, now everytime I start to play I get a popup asking if I want to download the updates, I believe there is an update from 100 to 108, I said yes to the popup and it sent me too a site that is not maintained anymore, so I cannot get the updates here, I have been to several torrent sites that list these updates but no seeders at all, I tried to dl for 2 weeks but cannot get them, the one file I did find and dled was the wrong version for me, it was a UK version, not compatible with my game when I tried to install it. Does anyone have these updates or can anyone point me to where I can get them. I know this game is old but I like playing it. I have looked everywhere I can think of for this update, cannot find it anywhere. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Your best bet would be a gaming forum, or perhaps you might find something on the emule network. emule is often slow, but there is often a lot of older obscure content available.

I'd also recommend when posting in a forum and asking for help that you use specific keywords in the title so it will attract users with similar interests. Perhaps...

"F.E.A.R. game updates needed"

In fact doing a google search on that title got serveral hits for v108, not sure if they are valid or not, but have a look...


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