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VIP Ready now what


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Sorry from the begining but I seem to have misunderstood how VIP would look like when it worked, and what it would show. The website help for VIP doesn't show any pictures past the getting ready.(preparing) so I thought that was what it was to look like. Just recently this Changed and it started Ready. Well VIP says it ready but nothing happens next, am I missing something? been doing this for a few times on other torrents and got the same result and thought that was the way it worked, I have come to realize this is not the case, and it should be showing more, but it does not show downloading ever. would someone mind telling me what to do next, to get it to downloading

Screen Pic attached to help


Thank you

BitComet 64 1.32

Shaw cable, 50mgb/s

cisco linksys E4200

Kaspersky Pure

Windows 7 64bit Build 7601

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This indicates that your download channels are working. We've been having issues where tasks were getting stuck in the preparing stage. For some reason if the servers were busy and the channels couldn't be prepared and opened in a short period of time, they would never progress. To correct this a new "queuing" stage was added in the latest beta version of bitcomet. If this new stage is successful the user will be able to cancel any queued task if it doesn't move into preparing in a reasonable amount of time and this will prevent an excessive number of tasks in preparing stage so our servers won't become unresponsive. You're welcome to try the new beta version if you like.


Hopefully these and other enhancements will make it into version 1.34 (stable)

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