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Bitcomet Crashes as I download or even just hash check


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Dear Friends,

I am using bitcomet for a very long time now and loves to use it but in this past few days it crashes always whenever I tried to download any torrent. I am already at a general level as I upload, seed and download most often than any others. I am using Bitcopmet 1.33 (now 1.34) together with Windows 7 Premium, Mcaffee and Microsoft Security Essentials. I have excempted my bitcomet from all my firewalls.

I am downloading 2 files which are totally 69 GB in size. Before I started to download those two and it is stable as it downloads. Some malwares have reached me from a usb and my antivirus detected and removed. But suspiciously when I ran Bitcomet something happened, changes something from bitcomet stopped and crashes with windows 7 together with it. 0x000000E0 with BAD IRQL? I tried to reinstall remove everything in bitcomet to start all over but still crashes. As I studied, as big as I put cache on bitcomet in its options it crashes faster. (In my experience)

Bitcomet runs stable but as soon as I download from it, in few more minutes it crashes also in hashcheck it also crashes. Hope you can solve this. I am downloading pokemon and Yu Gi Yo Torrents. Kinda big? I hope this helps to many other users and be solved to your next version on 1.35.

A Bitcomet User,

Mojericho (General Level)

By the way My wIndows is a 64 bit and i am also using 1.34 64 bit

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Dear Friendz,

I am using Windows 7, Bitcomet 1.34 with emule 1.24 and Bitcomet is excempted from all my firewalls. I have 4mb of memory and 206Gb free space. I have a router and connected to it wirelessly.

I have already tried completely removing all possible installed files that may have been fighting with bitcomets' processes, removing bitcomets' download files completely, bitcomets' folder (installation) and also reinstalling it again.

The problem started when I started to download big files. pokemon ultimate collection and Yu Gi Yoh. I just dont understand why it crashes Windows 7 in (0x000000E2) which is a Bad IRQL whenever I start to download with Bitcomet. If I run the application bitcomet, it is stable. But hashchecking or as I start to download with it (It crashes with Win 7 not just the bitcomet application/program)

Are there any suggestions that anyone can give me? I am already using bitcomet for a decade by downloading and seeding and this just happened now... I hope that this could also help other users that might have a same problem and be solved.. Thanks!

Your User,

Mojericho (General)

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Does this happen with all torrents, or just the large ones?

There was a problem hash checking torrents with extremely large piece size, but it was fixed in version 1.34, so if your still seeing this problem we might have to report it to development.

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Before we get into that, I'd like you to test your system's memory.

The problem you describe could well be caused by that, and it may be that it takes a larger download before anything actually uses that RAM. Bittorrent clients put stress on a system in unusual ways, and they sometimes get blamed as the cause, when they are just a victim of another problem.

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Thnx. I have solved this problem smoothly by saving my important files into an extra hardrive then formatting my harddrive hardrive, reinstalling everything .

In my former studies, this problem and effect might have been caused by a damaged or corrupted system file related to kernel. Im just starting from the beginning, sorry for the problem and thank you for the help.

Any one there that blackens your screen at bootup before or within the time of welcoming of windows and slowing your startup. malware might have been causing it or too much applications are running. I hope this help to others. If you cant find or solve the problem, just start from the scratch again. Its faster.

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