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Means of Contacting Seeders/Peers? (Possibly galactically stupid question)

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Okay, as I said above, this question may be deeply, deeply stupid.

Is there a way to contact seeders or peers -- that is to send them a message -- during downloading of a file?

I've got a file I got through a torrent, an ebook in "cbr" (Comic Book Reader) format. What it really is, is scanned jpgs of every page of this book. I put in some time with OCR and MS Word and Mobipocket Creator and Calibre, and now have the selfsame book in pretty good order, readable, in a bunch of different e-book formats including Mobi, Epub, Fb2, Lit, and PDF. It's pretty spiffy if I do say so myself -- and I just did. Now, I gathered all those into a torrent, and have it offered, but (A) my computer is a laptop that isn't on full-time, and thus is a lousy seeder/server, and (B) it seems pretty silly for an obscure, out-of-print pulp paperback from 1967 to have two competing torrents out there. I want to find the main seeder to offer him the multiple readable e-book versions.

Possible? Or is the whole point anonimity?

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There's no such thing as a "main seeder".

There is the original seeder, but you have no way of knowing whether he's still around or not. This torrent could have been made years ago, and kept itself alive all this time by successive "generations" of seeders, that original seeder long gone. Before Demonoid went down, I had torrents that I posted six years ago, that were still going strong on their own.

No one, even the original creator of a torrent, can modify it afterwards. Any modifications will be rejected by every torrent client. If you could find the original creator, he couldn't do anything about this anyway.

Your only real choice is to make a new torrent and let them compete with each other.

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Now that it was explained to you why this wouldn't help you, I will add that BitComet did once have a chat function where you could chat with other bitcomet peers that you were connected with. The feature was dropped for a very simple reason... virtually no one used it, and none of the other clients incorporated it into their clients so it wouldn't work with any peers using different clients.

What you can do is go to the websites/forums for the torrents trackers and make a post there, perhaps others who are interested may have some ideas to help you share your work, however most content on torrent sites originally comes from "scene" release groups, they don't put their releases on any torrent sites so you'll never contact them that way.

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