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There are several possible explanations, but the first one that jumps to mind is an audio stream encoded in a way that your stand-alone DVD player doesn'' support.

Since such players are notorious for never giving you an explanation for the problem, you'll have to experiment with this on your own.

In many cases, just upgrading the player will solve the problem. Blu-Ray players are getting pretty cheap, and even if you don't ever intend to use high-definition tv, they will still handle more formats and encodings than DVD players typically did. This may be the fastest, simplest, cheapest solution for you.

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This may also be a setting on your player, for example it may be set to decode digital 5 channel audio and your disc has only 2 channel audio. You can also check if there are any firmware updates for your player, such problems are often addressed in downloadable update discs. Check the manufactures support information, hopefully you'll find some help there.

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