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Help me plz i have a bug and i dont know what to do...:S

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hello guys...i have a problem...im trying to log in with my comet id to the program..and it not let me

log in...they says me the pass need to be 6-20 char...and my pass is 6 char...S: at foroum and the site

i log in normaly....why happent this any help plz??? :DD thx you guyss!! and dont forget to seediiinggggg!!! :PP love you all kisses!!!!

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Sorry, I should have get back to you earlier. Have you updated your Bitcomet to the latest version 1.34? Please upgrade and have a try. If you still fail to log in, please let me know.

i update it my friend and i still have the same problem...i cant log in...at my bitcomet acound...and i have now low download speed...can you help me...:(((

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problem its ok now!!! i found it...i have to run program as admin...:D and the let me in normaly.... thx you a lot for your interest!!! :)))) im so glad now...im going to continue..the downloads and to keep seeding..as always...thx you a very lot again...

greetings from GREECE...we love you guys!! :D

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When programs are installed from a limited user account you often run into such problems. It's usually best to install most programs from an administrative account with full access. Windows has these restrictions to protect novice users from harmful software and infections, but problems like this can surface if you're not careful at how you handle installing of programs.

This is a problem that effects only certain versions of windows, and depends on your user account settings too. This is why we have a minimum amount of information we require when requesting help which can be reviewed in the "READ THIS before posting" topic. Providing this info is the best way for a member to help themselves and we have done everything we can to make this list easy to find, yet members continue to ignore it. If you (or any other member) has a suggestion on how to make it easier to find, other then to re-type it with every reply, we'd be interested in hearing it.

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