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VIP Accelaration removes from bandwith service the total size of the torrents, why?


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I bought the VIP Acceleration 10GB to try if this service works and also because I have 2 torrents that are taking too long to finish, I wanted it to end quickly.

However, I have a huge doubt in relation to bandwith removed from my account. One of my task has 3.07 GB (75% already complete) and the other one has 3.77 GB (14% complete) and then activated the VIP Acceleration and this process removed 6.84 GB from my service plan (10 GB plan) when should only taken 4.5 GB, because that is the size left to download. 2.80 GB i already downloaded without VIP Acceleration, so I think is unfair to removes this amount from my service plan when indeed i not use it.

Another problem is that not sit an increase in downloading speed. This is normal?

I hope I can clarify these issues.



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The following update and refinements are being made to the VIP service in an attempt to address the problems some members are having when trying to use the service.

1. Due to the VIP servers use of a finite amount of resources, some tasks have become stuck in "preparing" state and in many cases don't progress from this point, so in an attempt to better allocate the resources a new state of "queuing" would be added in next version.

2. When a task is moved into the "preparing state", there is a 24 hour period required before VIP can be cancelled if not effective, however a task in the "queuing" state can be cancelled at any time and the bandwidth allocated for that task will be returned to the users account.

3. With this change we hope to have more tasks successfully accelerated upon entering the preparing state, and during periods of high demand any task that cannot progress from queuing can easily be cancelled. This will be very helpful for member who have experienced no acceleration although tasks do complete from traditional peer connections..

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sorry for all inconvenience caused you.

Because the current Vip-acceleration servise is still a beta version which may be unstable for some users. Our development team are working on this issue but it still needs time.

Please wait with patience for some time, if it still fails to work, you can apply for a refund on paypal. I will handle the refund.

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In regards to your use of vip on a nearly complete torrent, it will deduct the full torrent size. Adapting it to calculate partial torrent downloads has been recommended to the development team, but they have had more urgent issues to resolve with this. When the other issues are resolved I'm sure this will be addressed too, in the meantime you can cancel the vip on these tasks if you like, apply for a refund, or speak to queeniequ if you feel you've been unable to use a significent amount of your purchase.

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