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Seeding completed torrent affects speed of other incomplete torrents?


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Suppose I have one completed and three incomplete torrent tasks in my client. If I seed the completed one, will it affect the download speed of the incomplete torrent tasks?

Other questions:

Suppose a torrent task in BitComet shows Seeds/Peers(all) as 3/9(5/40). Does it mean that there are 5 persons who have the COMPLETE file and out of them 3 are connected? Or these 5 persons actually have INCOMPLETE file? Does the number 40 includes these 5 persons?

Someone please answer me.

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All tasks require upstream bandwidth. When you seed you have less bandwidth to divide among leeching tasks -- which both upload and download -- and that will affect your download speed. Keep in mind that not seeding has much worse effects.

The former is correct. The statistics are likewise telling you that there are 40 peers who don't have the complete contents, of which 9 are currently connected to you. (It is mostly these peers, and not the seeders, that you will get most of the torrent from.)

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Watching it work, what happens is that every peer comes on board as a leecher. It is then up to the client, not the tracker, to mark the seeders as such, based on piecemap exchange. What SHOULD probably happen is that the seeds get determined and then subtracted from the rest, leaving only the leechers.

This is in fact the way utorrent does it, from observation, but I don't know that it's actually part of what standards exist, or which clients do it which way.

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