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If you are using OS vista open bitcomet then hit start on your computer then type cmd in the search and hit enter, then type ip config

you will see the ip address there

look at your bitcomet after the ip address like this liast set of number is the port number.

You will need to open that port in your router

And you need to allocate that ip address the you get in your cmd to bitcomet.

if you are using a cisco router its very easy to do

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I have the same problem, but not all the time, and I have no idea what to do about it.

I have win 8 64 bit,

bitcomet version 1.33 (stable release) also 64 bit.

I'm connected using WiFi, my router is billion router.

thanks for the help, I'm not sure what type of info you need to solve this.

so if you need something else, I will provide it right away.

and thanks again :)

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