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How to restore my downloads after re-installing BitComet

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Hello All,

After my system HDD broke down, I had ot re-install the system(OS), incl. BitComet.

Now I want to restore all my downloads for seeding, but I am at a loss how to do it, please help.

BitComet version (newly installed) 1.34

OS Windows XP SP3 Home Edition; Windows firewall, Windows security Essentials;

Connection: LAN to apartment, then ASUS WL-500gPv2.


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What do you mean "broke down"?

Where you able to recover your data from the HDD? If yes you can use the guide from here to restore your downloads (keep in mind the bottom line is that you need 3 things for that: the downloaded files, the .torrent files and the downloads.xml file).

If you weren't able to recover your data then... our hearts go with you; you'll have to start again all the way from scratch.

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Hi Grand Wizard,


Yes, the HDD physically broke. It was HDD with the system and My Documents. My Documents I have recovered, but system had to re-install on new disc.

What is left of data: all downloaded files (were on other discs), about 20-30 .torrent files of more than 300 and the downloads.xml file gone as was re-written with the fresh one after re-installing of BitComet.

Question: can I somehow restore (gradually?) seeding of the downloaded files?

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If you have the .torrent file, and the torrent contents, then you can make sure the contents are in the default download directory. Either move them there or change BitComet's default directory to point to where they are. Then you can load the .torrent into BitComet, but don't start the task yet. Right-click the task and choose to do a manual hash check on it. That should take some time, and the "% Downloaded" column should go to zero and slowly climb to 100%, then stop at 100.

That assures that BitComet can "see" the task, so just start the task and it will begin seeding.

If the hash check finishes very quickly and the "% downloaded" column says you have 0%, then you're probably pointing to the wrong directory -- not the one where the content is, at any rate. Try either moving the contents or changing the setting.

If the contents are in different directories, you can change the "download" directory, which is also the upload directory, for each individual task and do this same hash check.

This effectively rebuilds your task list (downloads.xml) task by task.

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