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Problem loging to cometID

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I have a new computer with windows 8 on it

I have installed bitcomet but I have problem login to my CometId.

I have entered my username and password ( which are correct since I used them to log to this Forum) but I can't login and I don't get any error message.it shows "connecting to server " for a few seconds and then it returns to "sign in now"

Could use your help


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I have the same problem. I can login to the webpage, but nothing to do into BitComet.

I use Win8.1 & PeerBlock

I suspect peerblock is blocking the connection. Try turning it off and see if you can log in, if so you'll just need to make an "allow list" with the IP addresses bitcomet uses to connect to comet ID servers.

You can find the info you'll need posted here in the forum or on wiki.bitcomet.com

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It's difficult to tell what is going on because you are only providing small bits of information. You told us you turned off peerblock and it didn't work, but you didn't tell us if you rebooted your computer, or at least restarted bitcomet. Turning off peerblock won't initiate a successful login, you have to do that manually and since it mysteriously started working, the most logical cause would be that the next time you attempted to login it was successful.

If you know the cause then you should post it here to enlighten other members. If you're unsure then I still say peerblock is the most likely because that's exactly what it's designed to do and if you don't made an allow list for the IP addresses that bitcomet uses, you won't be able to login and use peerblock.

This is all covered in our FAQs at wiki.bitcomet.com

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Resuming my tests:

- Http allowable in PeerBlock -> unable to sign in

- Peerblock disabled -> unable to sign in

- Peerblock disable and Bitcomet restarted -> unable to sign in

- PC restarted without peerblock -> unable to sign in

I haven't tried to uninstall Peerbolck and I don't want to do it, but at this point seems that this issue is not dependent by PB.

You have told that BC is unable to sign in because of IP locking (somewhere); can you tell us IPs used by BC, so I can declare IPs allowance to router, antivirus, firewall, etc?

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This topic is difficult to follow and it's a gross violation of forum policies. We have three members posting three different problems in the same thread and trying to sortout one issue from the other is getting difficult.

If member "shanigal5" wants to continue this topic we can do so, but for the meantime I'm going to close it and require the other members to make their own because we cannot properly help you if we don't know all the info about your system.

Read the link in my signature and make a proper support request.

Regarding the info you need to get peer guardian and peer block to work properly with bitcomet, it's posted on wiki.bitcomet.com


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