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How come my own seed shows as 0% availability?

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I usally leave everthing I download for twice the time it took to be fully downloaded, thus leting people have it. Nevertheless sometimes it shows: Availability 0%, how come if I leave it there with all the task proerties selected to enable the upload with the best of my (not so fast) Internet band. Am I doing something wrong?

I apreciate any sugestions.

Thank You.

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This seems to either a bug of sorts or an oversight in the design of the interface.

The locally available pieces seem to be counted by the algorithm which calculates the availability percentage while the task is still downloading but not after it passes in seeding mode.

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Sometime you may be wont be able to connect to peers who can use your upload speed, so dint worry just keep the files in upload mode and someone will find you to serve for him.. in my case i ways have more then 2000KBPS upload and download speed but i have maximum upload speed went to 800KBPS. Its because i dont have enough peers to download from my pc and can use my entire upload speed. that why i turn onn all the uploads at night and leave it for the morning.. Some how i upload around 40-50GB each night..  :D 

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