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Long Term Seed not uploading or downloading. is it still working?

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anyway as you can see from the screenshot the torrent is connected to 12 LT seeds. and its not downloading at all getting <1kbs for about 2kbs total. and its like that with all torrents that are heavy on LT seeds. i tested with about 20+ other older axxo movie torrents that are low on normal seeds but still have lots of LT seeds.

i realize it depends on who are these LT seed peers. but seriously of 20+ torrents i tested with connecting to maybe 500 different LT seed peers and none of them went higher than <1kbs is pretty conclusive.

i'm pretty sure my ISP doesnt block torrent traffic because when I dl the latest tv show torrents from eztv.it i consistently get the max DL possible at 500+kbs when connected to purely non LT seed peers.

this problem started about 1 maybe 2 weeks ago. prior to this LT seeds were fine and contributed 4/5 of the DL speeds i was getting. example if there were no regular peers at all and just 1 or 2 LT seeds connected i could go to sleep and be sure to have the file completed when i woke up. this was the case for pretty much every torrent.

i am using 1.35 64bit client on win7 64bit. with a 5mbit line.

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When LTseed is enabled, it uses your upload bandwidth only when it's not needed for BT tasks, so you may not get download from a peer until that peer has unused upload bandwidth. This was a necessary and important part of the LTS protocol so that it would compliment BT, not dominate it or replace it. Your primary source of data is always BT peers, but if you happen to connect to LTS peers that have unused bandwidth, it can greatly increase your download speed. In the case you cite it appears to be a very weak torrent, so hopefully some of those LTseeds will begin uploading to you and you can share the data with other BT peers and rescue the torrent.

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