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BitComet seems to have reinstalled itself


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I did not notice at first, but a few days ago when I opened Bitcomet, it prompted me to login. This had never happened before, but I didn't think more about it as I was in a hurry and just logged in.

Then I noticed that some of the settings were back to default and I had to reset the port etc.

Today I looked more closely and see that all my tasks from the past year or so have disappeared except for the 10 or so that were added in the past few days.

This part bothers me as I was seeding a lot of stuff.

So I'd like to know what could've happened if anyone has any ideas...

The rest of my computer and software is fine and I definitely didn't do anything to cause this. Could it have been an automatic update to the software or something like that?

Also, does anyone know what steps I could take to be able to seed things I've already downloaded - some of these were very large files that I'd rather not have to waste time downloading again. (I've checked the drive and the downloaded files are still there).

I really like BitComet and have never had any problems before.

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Bitcomet stores this data in files named "downloads.xml" and "bitcomet.xml". If these files become damaged they will be replaced and your settings will be lost. For your tasks list, bitcomet will have saved several backups of downloads.xml from the last several times you sucessfully shut down. Renaming one of these backup files to replace your current downloads.xml file will restore your task list to the date that backup was made.

The location of these files is determined by windows, not by bitcomet so without more info from you we can't tell you exactly where they are. This info we require is listed in the "READ THIS before posting" topic that is linked throughout the forum, or you can do a search for the files on your harddrive. On most modern computers they will be within your %appdata% folder

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queeniequ - Thanks for this. I hardly ever exited Bitcomet manually and didn't know it needed to be, so probably something happened during shutting down Windows.

Unusual Suspect - Too many days had passed for the xml backup I wanted to still be there, but I'm able to restore some of my important tasks using the info you've given. Thanks for your help :)

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