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Firewall Problems in Comet

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in bitcomet it keeps failing to find my firewall I will post screen shots for you I am running version 1.35 stable I have a vpn but when ever bitcomet see my firewall the green light in on so my connection is good but when it cant find the firewall it is yellow witch hurts everyone that torrents. I have gone into the firewall (Kaspersky Internet Security 2013) and put my port in so its not blocked and still wont work. I will try very hard to get a screen shot of a green light with my vpn its all up to bitcomet tho if it wants to find my firewall. I have all the settings in bitcomet setup to add windows firewall exception and UPnP mapping on. I never had this problem in the last version 1.34 & 1.35Beta. post-118865-0-69874600-1362150861.jpgpost-118865-0-45246100-1362152753.jpg

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As mentioned in your other topic, the problem is with your vpn computer that you connect to, it needs to forward your incomming connections to your computer. Talk to the tech support for whoever is selling you the vpn connection. If they allow p2p use, they should give you a dedicated port to use, otherwise you should look for another provider.

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