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Cannot sign in and cannot download files

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My BitComet had been working fine up2 2 days ago.

Now its not signing in and is not downloading the torrent.

the WAN is green and DTH is connected.

I am using the 1.29 version.

I have a broadband internet connection, with a wifi router.

The wifi router is Cisco WRT120N

Windows 7

I have checked the Firewall, Bitcomet is allowed.

Also the ports are open.

The internet connection is also working fine.

n i am also absolutey sure the torrent has seeders coz the same torrent is working fine on my roomies laptop.

Do tell me if u need any more info to solve my prob.

i have given a screenshot for reference.

*archived file removed by staff
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Can you please upload screenshots as a compressed image file like .jpg or .png, not in an .rar archive which is a container that could hold all sorts of undesirable content.

Please also check your tracker tab and see if you're getting any error messages or connection problems. Signing in is not required to download torrents, it's only used to record your rank and score and to enhance your performance through LTseed connections, all of which are optional.

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it looks like something is blocking bitcomet, not only are you not connecting to any peers (local or remote), but also not able to connect to cometID servers or even able to complete the listening port test. I'm also wondering about the fact that all the trackers in this torrent are using UDP, can you try some torrents that use http trackers? Also look at your statistics tab and see what is reported.

What firewall/s or security software are you running?

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