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H33T is rejecting torrents just because they contain padding files. What should one do in such cases. I love BitComet, countless times I was saved from downloading files that are scams. I could not think of using any other clients.

But what should I do my torrents are being rejected for these harmless but helpful Padding files.

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Turn off the option to align file boundaries when making your torrents and you won't have any padding files. The "downside" to this is the files in the torrent won't be available from sources outside the bittorrent swarm so if the torrent isn't seeded it won't complete the download.

ps. I can understand why a non-bitcomet user wouldn't like seeing these harmless files since they don't directly help them, but the option can benefit them indirectly if a bitcomet user joins the swarm of an unseeded torrent and completes the download from non-bittorrent sources then seeds to the non-bitcomet peers, but convincing trackers that the padding files are a good idea isn't an easy task so I'd just comply with their rules.

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