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cometbird noob zoom question

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Hello all ,

So glad i found this browser and even more happy to be

back torrenting with my old favorite bit comet client !! I always love it most .

My zoom question is how do i set it so the zoom is the same on every single

page i visit without zooming in over and over everytime i go to a new page ?

Is there a way to do this ? I appreciate any help what so ever . And again ,

So f'in glad to be back !

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One easy way to adjust a web page his hold down the "CTRL" key and press either the "+" or "-" key till you get a size you like for that page. There are also some tweaks you can adjust, open a new tab and type "about:config" in the address bar, confirm that you're proceeding at your own risk, then type "zoom" in the filter box and it will list several variables, one I noticed is "browser.zoom.siteSpecific" that looks like is set to "true" as default. I've never changed this but my guess is if you set it to false all the pages will have the same zoom value, on "true" I think it should remember each site and use the last settings zoom setting you used.

You can also adjust the min/max zoom and the levels it steps.

You might find more info on firefox documentation.

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i certainly appreciate the info . i see you answer alot of questions around

here so i know your busy . Thanks alot my friend .

EDIT - without you , i would have never found the right setting .

It wasnt the true -false , it was the zoom minimum percent .

I just upped it till i liked it .

So , as Gomer Pyle would say , " Thank you , Thank you , Thank you !! "

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