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Getting alot of UDP tracker - No responce

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Sorry to have another question , but so far , you all have not razzed me and that's appreciated ! Just wondering if this is a normal thing or possibly a setting I have wrong ? Thanks for taking the time to read , and more so if you answer . Thanks all .

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it's possible they are redundant. A torrent should have only 1 tracker, but many seem to think it's a good idea to add many more. The ability to add more then one was added to most clients in case the original tracker was offline, in which case bitcomet will connect to the next, but those who add many greatly annoy tracker admins especially since many torrents have trackers that don't even have the torrent registered.

If your torrent has the same tracker listed with http and udp protocols, the tracker will not allow connections twice. I usually delete the redundant trackers on my torrents.

Imagine if some idiot somewhere got the idea that you can get a pizza delivered faster if you dial 20 different phone numbers in a conference call, instead of just one, so next thing you know you're getting 100+ conference calls per hour asking for pizza delivery and your shop doesn't even make pizza... you'd probably want to kill whoever's idea it was, just as the tracker admins get annoyed when they get sometimes thousands of connections a second for torrents they don't even have....

This all started when people were gathering lists of trackers and posting them, telling people to add them to their torrents because they had no idea how a torrent works. 99% of failed tracker connections are caused by errors when making the torrent, not in client errors or tracker errors.

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