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Moving from uTorrent and want to import FINISHED tasks.

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Hi, after a few bad experiences with uTorrent, I'm looking to make the move to BitComet. However, I have a large number of already downloaded files that I'd like to continue to share and I'm not quite sure how.

I searched the forums and found a bit of info on importing "unfinished" downloads into BC to be completed there, but nothing on importing the list of completed downloads so I can continue sharing them.


The primary reason I left uTorrent: (unrelated to my question, I just need to vent)

I tried downloading a video that, after it hit 87%, all sources dried up. But rather than delete my unfinished torrent (just in case), I found another torrent to a larger/better copy of the same video but (I didn't realize) used the exact same filename. When the download of the new file completed, BOTH files were wiped-out (both my original unfinished download and my just-completed download.) The two videos were not the same size. Only their filenames were identical.

When I reported this bug in the uTorrent Forum, some obnoxious kid that didn't bother to read my entire post first, blamed me for the error (falsely accusing me of trying to download the SAME file twice). I pointed out (politely) that... as I had noted in my original question... the files were NOT identical, only the filenames were. Rather than admit his error, he attacked me again, again misstating my problem as he accused me of trying to do something the program was not designed for. Irritated, but still polite, I told him the problem I was noting was indeed a bug that needed to be fixed. Again, I was ridiculed.

Annoyed with the foolishness of some obnoxious kid that was not trying to be of any help whatsoever but clearly only digging in his heels rather than admit he misread my original problem, I simply replied, "Hose off, Tool. You're not helping." To which he responded again by blaming ME for the program's design flaw, saying, "I'm not the one that downloaded two files with the same name to the same folder." Upon my return, I discovered the thread had been closed preventing me from pointing out the obvious: that uTorrent's settings only allow you to specify one download location.

I encoutered another bug this morning. I set uTorrent to "auto-Shutdown my PC upon completion" of my download. When I restarted uTorrent this morning, my completed download was gone as the download restarted from the beginning.

So back to the uTorrent forums to report yet another bug, only to discover that the clueless punk that was arguing with me was a Forem Moderator who banned me from posting questions for calling him a "Tool".

So here I am. :angry:

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Welcome to the forum. You can start the previous tasks as they were new tasks. Bitcomet will rehash the files and when they are verified as 100%, seeding will begin.

Make sure your completed files are in the proper location (bitcomet's default download folder), otherwise duplicate files will be created.

I'll also mention that bitcomet has the ability to download unseeded tasks in some cases. If it's able to find the missing data from other sources it can complete your download and you would then become a seeder and help the rest of the peers to download the data.

Regarding your uTorrent rant. I'll let you vent this time, but please don't continue. We don't allow bashing of other torrent clients. The competition may, but we do not.

Thank You for understanding.

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There some pretty detailed instructions in the Wiki, concerning importing downloads from other clients, here: How do I resume a previous download file from another client?

Basically, BitComet doesn't care so much what the download percentage is; in order to find it out it will still need to perform a hash-check.

Once that's done, if the percentage is 100% it will go in seeding mode, else it will try to continue the download.

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