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How to change verified email to a new one???

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CometID: Takiwally

Hello there, the email I have associated with my CometID has been scheduled for deletion in 90 days and thus I wish to change it to a new one. However when I go to setting it wont allow me because it says the email is verified. Could you please help me change it? I will provide you with the desired email.

Kind regard

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To change your email, you just need to send your username and the previous email address to our support box and I'll rebind your account with the abandoned email. And you can change your Email by yourself.

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How do I change my registered email address. My email address was ***@walla.com. It's not working.

Thank you

This depends, if you are talking about the forum I may be able to help, but if you're talking about CometID it may not be possible as they don't do non essential database edits, however you are welcome to make a new account, or you can continue to use a current account as long as you can log in, and if you reply please try to do a better job explaining what you mean by "it's not working", because I haven't got a clue what isn't working... you logged in, you managed to post, so what's the problem?

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