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I do not see more speed :-(


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I just purchased vip to accelerate my download since two of them got stuck, one at 93% and another at 21%. I'm thinking about refunding it since it didn't change anything for me. I wouldn't mind even if it was slow but my download is 0 for both of them. Any suggestions?

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In order for bitcomet to download the data has to be available. Normally this data comes from seeds and peers who are people like you sharing the same files, but if the data isn't available, then there is nothing VIP can do. It can speed up the download process for many users and it can be used to download anonymously, but if a task stops and there are no seeds, you need to look for a different torrent.

What you can do is wait 24hours and cancel vip on these tasks and the bandwidth will be restored to your account, then you can try it on a task that has seeds to see if it will help you. You can also obtain better speeds by properly adjusting your settings. If you'd like our help with that, you'll need to make a new topic in the bitcomet support section of the forum and provide all the requested info.

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