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Bug Report - Glitch with volume and play button - Includes method

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User info:

Bitcomet: V1.35 Stable

MPCstar 5.4

Cometplayer 1.1

ADSL 1 on Modem/Router - Forwarding is working - Listen ports operational

Windows 7 x64 - Comodo Firewall, Avira Free Anti-virus - All up to date

Issue with: The play button, its state and the volume control of Cometplayer

i've found a glitch that if you provide the program with focus (clicking anywhere on it) to allow you to use the mouse wheel to adjust the volume. If you pause a playing song, and use the mouse wheel in either direction, it will override the fade-out pause operation and the it will continue to play, however, the play/pause button will change its state.

When attempting to repause or continue the song, the button will remain in that icon's state until you press it a 3rd time, in which it should correct itself as long as you don't use the mouse wheel again.

Occurs: when using both the mouse wheel and manually adjusting the volume yourself

Doesn't Occur: when you start the song

This is my first post, I hope I've helped.

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Thanks for the report. Do you have another type of mouse you can use to see if you can reproduce this condition? The problem with mouse scrolling functions is there is no universal convention on how these devices work and most are dependent on proprietary drivers, so in order to consider it a program bug it has to occur with all (or most) hardware. I've found that many functions of enhanced mouse options tend to have unpredictable results. The best course of action would be to see if you can get the condition to exist using a traditional mouse without a scrolling wheel, that would indicate a bug in the programming. Otherwise it can be difficult to pinpoint where the fault lies. I don't use a mouse with scrolling wheel so I can't attempt to reproduce this.

It would also be nice to know exactly what make and model of mouse you have and what drivers and utilities are installed, and on what operating system.

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I can confirm that the glitch works both with a standard optical mouse and by using the play button and sliding the volume control manually.

Tested with: Microsoft Basic Optical Mouse V2.0 USB/PS2 compatible - USB

Plugged in and Windows 7 x64 bit installed the base driver, the mouse does run using a driver package from the windows driver foundation.

My main mouse: Razer DeathAdder Ultimate 2013 - Up to date with the latest drivers and Synapse 2.0 - USB

My operating system is Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

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