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Insane crashing issue

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hello forum moderators :) It's been a while...... how are you guys ?

anyway after very long time bitcomet driving me crazy now

OS : windows 7 ultimate (x64)

BitComet_1.36_(x64) & (x32)

RAM : 2 sticks 4GB each single Chanel mode


this strange problem started last night when I started downloading this


1.when I ran this torrent on my BitComet_1.36_(x64) it ran beautifully with my max speed for about 20 minutes after that it crashed, showing the crash window asking permission for reporting

2.second time same thing happened when I was watching a video but instead of crash window there was this other window which asked that the bitcomet isn't responding and should I exit it or not I clicked on OK but bitcomet never exited ! (I could see it in notification area but r-click and double click didn't worked ) stranger than that I was only able to access the currently running applications(.exe) like VLC, my antivirus I couldn't run any new program ! I tried opening task manger by booth manual and shortcut key method but it didn't show up! then I tried shutting PC down, but every time I clicked on shutdown nothing happened! ( probably becuse i cheked that option which avoids shutting down of PC when running bitcomet) ultimately I was forced to power-down

3.this time I used the zipped version of 32 bit BitComet_1.36 and kept the task manager open and after 3 hours same thing happened just like the second time,but this time around I had my task manger open so I tried to exit the task from there but nothing happened, tried to open a bunch of application, I could see them in my task manger running but nothing showed up, again I was forced to power-down

4.just like the 3rd time but the problem started when hash checking stuck at 7 % and tried to stop it, then tried exit it then disk busy Icon came up, then it vanished from notification area but I could see it in the task manger ultimately forced to power down :(

tried in some other clients no problems found

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Sorry I missed your post, it happens if I'm away for more than a day or so and some posts slip through the cracks. We're also a bit short handed. Anyway, my first guess is you have a problem on your disc, try scanning for errors, it could be a simple file system error or a bad sector or two. If the problem persists try rehashing the tasks that cause this problem to present.

My thinking is the "disc busy" indicated a clue, this can happen under normal operation if the data cannot be written fast enough, or if the computer is unable to write or read a part of the disc it will cause windows explorer to hang and this can effect other programs and even prevent you from killing processes.

Let us know what you figure out.

Another trick you can try is shutting down bitcomet and renaming the download folder so bitcomet won't recognize it and then after a rehash will beginning the download over in a new folder, this time (in theory) it may not "find" the bad spot on the drive that caused the problem. I'm not sure if this will make a difference, but it's something you can try, or if you have a different drive you can use as a download location, that may be a good thing to try too.

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sorry for the delay I think it's my turn to miss this out :) , I tried all of the above still no luck, but what amused me was when I continued my download in utorrent it finished that task without any issue ! I didn't changed the location or anything, I added the same task in the same address did a hash check and continued the same thing,so this might not be a disk issue

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It could be a permissions issue. I did load the torrent for testing but didn't really want to download 31gb, don't even have room atm, so have you seen this problem with smaller torrents?

If we can get an error that can be reproduced we can send it to development. Perhaps you can try rehashing the files in bitcomet now that they are complete, see if it triggers any kind of error.

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