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Strange download speed limit


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Hi, I am having problem of slow download speed but i can't seems to find the reason it happened.

With the same laptop, bitcomet setting, and a lot of peer for download resources, I used to have 180 kbps download speed at my hometown( hometown internet speed is 2mb) but when i moved to my hostel this morning, the download rate reduced to around 40 kbps. (my hostel internet speed is 4mb, which suppose to give me 2 time faster speed than at my hometown)

I'm not a new bitcomet user and i do made configure the NAT setting of my modem to unblock my download port for both 2 area.

I do made speedtest to confirm the internet speed for both area.

I observed the pattern of my download rate, its like whenever the speed is trying to go beyond 40 kbps, it will fall down into 40kbps again. Its like something that holding it to stopping my download speed to go beyond 40 kbps.

I am absolutely sure that i do not set any upload/download limit on bitcomet setting nor task specific limit.

I wish someone can help me to diagnose the possible reason that made my download speed to be low.


Bitcomet 1.36 64 bit running on window 7 home premium 64 bit

Internet connection ADSL, from Telekom Malaysia

Modem is innacomm W3400V6 for both hometown and hostel area

Tested and same things happened to other p2p software

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It sounds to me like the lan connection at your hostel is using some type of throttling to prevent any single user from using up all the bandwidth, or it could be p2p throttling at the ISP which is common in Malaysia from what I understand.

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Thanks for your reply !!!

Actually I think i may be the admin of this modem.

I have an admin account to access the setting of modem through, that also allow me to open port for my bitcomet connection.

From what I can recall, I never made any changes on setting of the modem to throttling bandwidth for any user ever since the modem is installed by the ISP guys last month.

Is that any information that I can provide you that will help on identify the problem?

I tried to use random port, or google DNS on my network connection but non of them seems to be working.

I will going spend most of my life living in my hostel in the following years. I'm a heavy internet user and most of my entertainment are dependent on torrent downloading. If I can't find a way to solve this, my life will real dull and loosing a lot of fun....

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