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Hey everyone. I just signed up so this is my introduction to y'all. I have enjoyed using the many clients sites available and have not once encountered a problem. All of a sudden, things have changed. Just about every time I type in the torrent I would like I get a screen indicating I need to download the xvid player (the p**** one) or I cannot remember but a link to a site very much like Hulu or Netflix. That is the biggest joke. It is not free although it indicates that it is and the media you're looking for is not there. Now, p**** is okay and all that but I'd rather be watching something that is new to me. p**** is just the same thing, over and over, and over, In an effort to be able to get the media I want, I have downloaded virtually every media player out there, except the xvid one. All that I have managed to do is mess my OS up.

I am currently running Windows 8.1. I'm going to be exploring different ways to fix the mess I have created and if I can't, I will be left with no option but to reinstall. I'm hoping that it does not come to that.

Can anyone, please, please, tell me what I need to do to be able to use torrents again? I would be so very appreciative. And when I say "dopey" it is because I feel completely inept in this new age and seem to be making a ton of mistakes.

Thanks a bunch. If I posted this in the wrong forum area, you can shoot me. I might come back not so dopey.

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I'll forgo shooting you for the time being.

Unfortunately it looks like your computer has been infected with some malware. I don't think reinstalling a torrent client will have any effect and the types of malicous software that try to force you to install software are usually difficult to remove. You can try doing a system restore to a date before this happened or you may want to consider reformatting your drive and reinstalling windows.

There are websites that help with malware removal, but it can be rather technical work.

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Wow, is there anybody out here, today, 8-1-14, who doesn't want to smash me?

I am also feeling alone in this whole community. I will now be chastized for not reading all the rules. Bull. I have been a member since 2008 and now A LC with score of 84365.

Some time when I had no need, actually never had a need to come here, login stopped working in the CLIENT. Done everything imaginamble and a few things not. Can login to all BitComet ANYTHING, yet not the client.

Anyone want to lower themselves to offer a "new" option? or am I to go on thinking I have to "buy" a vip acceleration to get the bennies of my uploading??? Please don't bother belittling me. When we point a finger, ther's three more pointing back. And no, I did not spellcheck this.

*email removed by staff*

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