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trying to buy a right cabinet


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there is so much dust around here,and it gets pretty hot too, you know I'm leaving near a sea and right below the equator so you get the picture, I'm tired of cleaning my cabinet every month for a whole day. so my first priorities are cooling, dust filters, cable management, size, layout over build and look I don't mind even it is clumsy.so these is my final short list

Cooler master HAF 912 combat

Corsair carbide 400R

Cooler master K380


Lancoolpc K-58

(or anything from the Dragon series )

while first 2 are pretty popular and costs a lot more, the 2nd two cost pretty less and functionality is almost same, esepecially from Dragon series it has a bit more option for lesser price I just can't decide which one to chose. please help me out.

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I've looked at them on the website but since I don't have any firsthand experience with these cases I can't really say what is your best option. I think if your environment is a factor then I'd consider which one is easiest to open and clean.

I don't know if this is a good idea or not but I used to service computers used in an autobody shop where the air was full of dust from sanding cars and the computers would get backed full of it. By the time they were sent to me it was a mess to clean so I got some cheap female stockings and cut pieces to tape over the vents. This kept a lot of the dust out but I'm sure it also restricted airflow. In this case it easily doubled the lifespan of the computers. You might try something similar and see if it can protect your computer without restricting airflow.

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I live in the desert and in a very old home (105yrs.). On top of that I'm a smoker and have 3 large dogs. So keeping my computer clean and cool used to be a problem.

Now I buy furnace filters and cut them to fit over the intakes and change them on a regular basis. Haven't had over heating problem for years.

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