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Problem with TCL blocked by firewall!


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Hi all.I have this problem some time and i can't solve it.Before i changed my ISP everything was Ok,but now i have new modem/ruter and i forwarded ports but still have a yellow light in Bitcomet and this error about TCP.

TCP Connections:    Established: 8 [MAX:65] / Half-Open: 12 [MAX:65]
WAN IP:   
Listen Port of TCP:    23595 (Blocked by Firewall/Router)
Listen Port of UDP:    23595 (Opened in Firewall/Router)
Windows Firewall:    Added [TCP opened, UDP opened, TCP(ED2K) opened, UDP(ED2K) opened]
UPnP NAT port mapping:    Added

I'm behing two routers adn i use Bitcomet 1.36 because 1.37 doesn't work on WinXP SP2 32-bit.First one (main ADLS router) is TP Link TD-W8951ND and second one is TP Link TL-WR941ND.Internet connection is 17Mb ADSL,antivirus is turned off,only firewall from windows is enabled.

Can you tell me why i got only TCP blocked while UDP is open?Thanks in advance.

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You probably have something in one of the routers that is blocking the incoming connections. We have an article on wiki.bitcomet.com that covers the use of two cascading routers, I suggest you begin there.

It's very easy to be confused when using multiple routers, when the connection comes from the internet and hits the first router, it needs to be forwarded to the second router, not to your computer, the second router then needs to forward it to your computer. Also be sure to make the rules for both TCP and UDP. Some routers require two rules, one for each and other routers have an option to combine the rule for both protocols.

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First see if you can bypass one or both of the routers, it will help narrow down where your connections are being blocked.

A more accurate way to test if your port is open can be done at: http://canyouseeme.org Bitcomet

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It's actually not assigning the wrong address, it's a matter of forwarding the address that it assigns. If you look at it like links in a chain, the connection comes in on port number XXXX from the internet and you need to send all traffic to the wan port on your second device's IP which we'll call aaa-aaa-aaa-aaa, then all traffic on aaa-aaa-aaa-aaa:XXXX has to be forwarded to the next device's WAN port which we'll call bbb-bbb-bbb-bbb and if your computer is connected to this device you'd need to forward to the computers IP and port number which we'll call ccc-ccc-ccc-ccc:XXXX.

The connection can pass through many IP addresses but it's guided by the port number which is how it finds its way to the proper computer, but none of this can work if there aren't rules in place on each device on how to handle that port.

Glad you got it working.

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