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MOVE Up / MOVE DOWN Toolbar Buttons don't work


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The MOVE UP and MOVE DOWN buttons on the tool bar are greyed out and don't do anything.

When I first installed BitComet they worked but now don't do crap

They are useful in moving downloading torrents to the top or bottom of future torrents to be downloaded

Anyone else have this problem?

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The tasks can only be moved up/down when they are sorted by name. If you click on any of the columns several times you can see that each click will cycle the way the column is displayed and you'll notice when you reach the default sorting status the up/down buttons will become active.

ps. since we have many international members who may not fully understand some of the terms used I'll make it really simple...

Click the top of the column where it says "name" several times until the buttons become functional.

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Thanks photo-thumb-1287.jpg GUARDIAN EAGLE!!!!

I've been trying to figure that out for days and its been irritating me so damn much


I do have another question I'm sure you'll be able to answer.

On utorrent there was a number in front of the files. Is there a way to add numbers in front of the files here?

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If you're referring to the column headed by the "#" in utorrent, no... bitcomet doesn't have such a column. There are columns for "date started" and "date completed" and you can sort tasks that way by clicking on those columns.

If you "right click" on any of the columns you can view all the column options in the context menu.

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