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Risky rank increase strategy

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I downloaded something the other day and came across the following as one of the comments:


Increase your BitComet download speed NOW, by logging in as a MAJOR GENERAL (with present ranking 117.000 and up to 74 long-term seeds connected): USERNAME xxxxxxxxx + PAZZWORD xxxxxxxx * REMEMBER! Only if you SEED you'll reach the ultimate goal: ranked BitComet's NUMBER ONE. Good luck!


I appreciate ranking only goes up quite slowly, you only get credit for 10 hours online and 1GB upload, so I am not sure if this is anything the powers that be would do anything about or just smile and think it was quite innovative way to get other people to increase your rank.

In reality , of course, xxxxxxxxx has probably lost access to their account long ago given that someone would be bound to change the password if that really was their real account credentials :-)


Beta tester

Still out here and gradually going up the rankings :-)

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The extent of some peoples foolishness is staggering. This won't help either the user who posted his login, nor the people who use it. Comet ID only recognise one login at a time so most people doing this will experience lower performance and will be losing out on the points they earn and even if this did work, the members account could never advance more than 120 points per day even though his hope was that would be multiplied by the number of users.

You're correct that he did probably lose his account and rightfully so.

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