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Upload stats not showing all data


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Not sure if this is a bug or by design but the upload size column does not add the Long Term Seeding data uploaded in real time on the main screen. You can see it as a separate entry on the summary screen but I sort the main screen in real time by upload size so I that can see what is happening with the uploads and I am not seeing the true picture.

Can this please be changed?

It could be made optional so that it is only included if the system.show_debug_info option is set in the advanced settings. I have this set so I can see the LT seeding rate on the main screen. If it is intentionally left out because it might confuse people, perhaps this would be a way of deliberately enabling it for those of us that like to see more.



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I agree it's confusing but I believe the task stats only show bittorrent upload. Exactly how LTseed worked was confusing to us all at first, but as soon as the forum staff fully understood it we posted as much documentation as we could on the wiki page.

I do think it would be confusing if it was added into the bittorrent stats, but perhaps you can request a column be added to the gui to show LTseed upload and download.

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When you set the system.show_debug_info setting in the advanced options, you then get the option of including an LT Seeding column in the main display which shows the LTS upload rate for each task.

It would be nice to also have columns showing LTS data size as well as cumulative LTS and BT upload size added together for the session, again, only selectable if the advanced option is set.

Just a personal preference, I like to see which tasks upload the most and would like to be able to see all the uploaded data on the main screen.

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