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A weird thing happened My Download just vanished

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This weird thing happened to me to day, I just started a download of a folder of 2.24 GB, it had three files in it. Awhile later I checked and saw that about 87% of the download was complete. As I had a long day at this point I fell asleep, I slept for two hours and after waking I checked if the download had finished or not I saw that the task had disappeared from the download list. I then searched in my archive as well as torrent history folders, it was not there so I went back to the site and started the re-download from scratch. At this point I did two thing.

1. After starting the download I stoped it and choose the delete option and selected -delete task only then -ok. Then I went back to archive and history to check if its there or not, couldn't find it.

2. I started the download for the third time but this time out of the three files in the folder I choose the biggest one 1.26 GB and selected download now option. BitComet showed the usual massage that there might be a similar incomplete one and wanted to do the hash check so I okayed it. And it took ten to fifteen seconds for the download to be complete and this is weird cause my speed isn't that fast.

Now my question is did something cause BitComet to delete the file the first time may be during hash check after completion or virus scan. Could this happen because BitComet is not connecting to comet id after that. Or why else? Can any one explain what might have happned!

I live alone so the possibility that someone had erased the file accidentally or otherwise is out of question.

Sorry if this annoys you but I am baffled as to what might have happened .


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What appeared to be bitcomet downloading very fast was actually the hash check process, not the download process. I cannot tell you why the task vanished within your gui, but if it happens again look for the completed files in your download folder and if you restart the task, do a manual hash check and you can continue from where you left off.

Normally if tasks vanish it is because bitcomet wasn't permitted to save your downloads.xml file, this can happen if there is a problem with windows permissions or some other type of error when writing the file, but I've never seen this happen while bitcomet was running.

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