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port mapping

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1. Bitcomet - latest version - look for updates weekly


3. Router - Telkom duoPlus 300WR

4. Cable

5. windows XP, Avast, 32bit

Up Time: 1:49:29

Overall Tasks: Total: 18 / Running: 2

TCP Connections: Established: 7 [MAX:Unlimited] / Half-Open: 8 [MAX:10]


WAN IP: 41.177.49.xx

Listen Port of TCP: 101xx (Opened in Firewall/Router)

Listen Port of UDP: 101xx (Opened in Firewall/Router)

Windows Firewall: Added [TCP opened, UDP opened, TCP(ED2K) opened, UDP(ED2K) opened]

UPnP NAT port mapping: Failed [uPNP device not found!]

Overall Download Rate: 11 kB/s [MAX:Unlimited] Max Connection Limits: 50 per task

Overall Upload Rate: 0 kB/s [MAX:Unlimited] LT Seeding: 0 kB/s [MAX:Unlimited] All BT Upload Slots: 0

Memory Usage: Working Set: 24.51 MB, Commit Size: 29.37 MB

Free Memory: Phys: 1.07 GB (Min to keep: 50 MB), Pagefile: 2.85 GB, Virtual: 1.85 GB

Disk Cache Size: 4.75 MB (Min: 6 MB, Max: 50 MB)

Disk Read Statistics: Request: 4518 (freq: 0.0/s), Actual Disk Read: 600 (freq: 0.0/s), Hit Ratio: 86.7%

Disk Write Statistics: Request: 5318 (freq: 0.2/s), Actual Disk Write: 276 (freq: 0.0/s), Hit Ratio: 94.8%

Total Downloaded: 1.78 GB (this session: 98.28 MB)

Total Uploaded: 1.79 GB (this session: 72.61 MB)

Listen port is open [green]

I have read numerous posts about port and mapping [as I could not find port mapping], but could not find any to help

how do I go about fixing it?

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If your listening port is open you don't have to worry about this. Port mapping (upnp) is another method of opening the port and for it to work you need to have a router that supports it, it has to be enabled in the router, it has to be enabled in bitcomet, and windows has to allow bitcomet to communicate with the router to detect it and open your port. With newer windows versions this process isn't usually blocked but with XP there are usually extra steps necessary.

If your router supports upnp you may be able to get it to work, but since you're port is already open, it won't change anything.

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I must say your replies are really swift keeping in mind the amount of queries you probably get daily - I'm impressed

The same goes for cassie !

My router does support it. I have enabled it when I set up the router to open the listen port.


[i upped my 5 gig cap (+ 5 gig bonus) to 20gig (+ 5 gig bonus) with my ISP and I'm paying less now than before - what a bargain! AND I got a 2meg line with the deal]

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As I mentioned you don't need to open the port twice, so if you setup port forwarding you don't need upnp and can disable it and if you don't want to see the "device not found" you can disable it in bitcomet as well.

If you want to use upnp instead of port forwarding you can disable your port forwarding rule in your router and allow bitcomet to communicate with the router. With WinXP I would start here...


You can also do a search on enabling upnp in windows XP and be sure to read the full article on wiki.bitcomet.com, our support team prepared it and put a lot of work into it... it's well worth the effort to read.

However I'll warn you that UPNP (universal plug n play) is far from "universal", every manufacturer implemented it differently and and you're using an operating system that is over 12yo and it's not as user friendly especially with networking. Also keep in mind that the only objective here is to open the port and it doesn't matter which way it gets opened, if it's open, it's open... it won't help your performance at all by having upnp do it. The only real advantage would be if you wanted to change your listening port, with upnp bitcomet could open the new port, manual port forwarding would require you to change the rule in your router if your port is changed.

You might also consider upgrading to a newer windows version. Used vista licenses can be purchased here for about $20, either 32 or 64bit. It's the cheapest way to update to an OS that is currently supported and Vista is actually a very good OS despite some claims that say otherwise and compared to win7 that usually sells for $130 to $200, vista is very affordable.

Regarding your port number, any port can be used but the higher port numbers are unregistered to any application so we usually recommend ports from 49152 to 65535, but to make it easy to understand just figure 50,000 to 60,000. It doesn't matter which one you use and that simplified range gives you ten thousand to chose from. It's also not a good idea to post your Wan IP address and port number in a public forum. This could identify you to a hacker and if your system isn't secure it could be compromised. I'll hide the info in your post.

ps. Thank you for the kind words, unfortunately not all members are as grateful, even though they get a free product and we are all volunteers that aren't paid to help them, yet they still complain. I have a zero tolerance policy, if someone is abusive they get one warning before they are removed, but it's refreshing to see polite members who sincerely want to learn.

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