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emule is draining my gigs. Took 5 gigs today!

I don't yet fully understand the use of emule.

How do I go about stopping the drain?

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Thank you very much for that answer

I have stopped the use of it, but still there is a big drain. Of my 25gig for the month there is only 3.5gig left. Seems I still have lots to learn

Where can I read up on how to limit it's bandwidth?

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I would suggest disabling LTseed, it's a great option that only uses bandwidth when it's not needed, but if you're on a metered connection with very limited usage allowed you should reserve all your upload for bittorrent only.

I'd also uncheck all the options under "service" except perhaps signing in comet ID. That uses very little bandwidth and without signing in you cannot advance in rank. The other options like loading comments and screenshots all use bandwidth. Most users today don't have limits on total bandwidth, only on speed so none of this will adversely effect them but in your case you want to limit as much as possible.

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