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"Guides and Tutorials" Forum had 1 update over 7 years?


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Not complaining, nor unhappy, but wondering, why only one update in "Guides and Tutorials" Forum over 7 years? Seems to be a lack of culture across the forums. I'm not looking correctly, because the millions of BitComet users and legions of register users must have a little more to say than what I've found and read.

So let me start something please. What does ISP torrent caching do for our interests and how can we use such to make wickedly fast Torrent Collections? I occasionally read an article, but I wonder what the BitComet Bird has to say on the matter?

Another thing. Maybe, could there be a health indication given to entries in the BitComet Torrent Exchange Collection List?

Thankyou BitComet, Michael

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Much of the best info in the guides and tutorials sections here, all of which was written by volunteers was moved over to the wiki.bitcomet.com website which we worked on for nearly two years. We decided to keep the original forum here because all members are welcome to make guides which can be added.

Some ISPs use torrent caching to reduce traffic, this technology lets your local isp hold onto the most popular pieces and deliver them direct to you so they don't have to use additional bandwidth getting them from outside their network.

I wish I could tell you which isp's support this and how it works on a technical level, but I really don't know, all I can say is if you have it enabled and your isp uses it, it should make things faster.

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