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This is a vip ?????


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Your task is queued so VIP isn't working yet. If it doesn't work for you, a refund can be requested through paypal.

Yes, Vip needs a seeded task, if there are no seeds there is nothing to download and purchasing VIP would be like purchasing a larger and faster truck to deliver goods that are out of stock at the store... no matter how fast your method of delivery is, if there is nothing to deliver it will never work.

You cannot expect BitComet to download something that doesn't exist, with or without VIP.

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There are some situations where a vip task can complete without seeds, but for this to happen the files have to be available from other sources like LTseed, or other non-bittorrent sources that other bitcomet peers have used, or other torrents with some or all of the same files. This usually only happens with very popular files and in this situation you would become a seeder and revive the dead torrent. It's very possible that you as well as other bitcomet users have done this and not even known it, but usually if a torrent is not seeded it's because it isn't very popular and probably will never complete with or without VIP.

You can ask paypal for a refund and you're welcome to continue to try it until the refund is processed, you may find it works for you if you use it on a task that is still available.

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sir,i am not yet got the refund ,sir.

It's my understanding that paypal refunds are done automatically unless the vendor contests the refund which they have never done. They want everyone to be happy, but if you don't want to wait for the process to complete I'll see what I can do to speed it up.

Please understand that this forum is staffed by bitcomet users, the only person here that has access to the vip accounts is


I suggest you send her a private message with your cometID username, the paypal transaction info and the date you requested the refund.

Please also understand that BitComet is a free product, the developers are all volunteers and there are no full time workers to handle these things but I'm sure yaoyaohuan8 will help you as soon as she is able.

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Hi kevean!

Did you try enabling "Anonymous Download"? When this is enabled, no traffic goes through the BitTorrent protocol - only the BitComet servers, thus you'd need no seeds. The BitComet server will do all the BitTorrenting for you with its (I suppose) massive bandwidth.

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