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Video snapshots of only first video

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Hello the awsome devveloper team and Eagle Sir,

I seem to have this problem with Bitcomet 1.37 64bit

Im running Windows 7 by the way.

For video files (say there are more than one video files in one torrent) the snapshots are taken only for the first video on the task list.

Is this only happening to me? Or others had this problem too?

EAGLE I need your help.. Your the boss


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There must be a balance between downloading the entire files so you can preview snapshots of everything, or limiting the snaptops to enough to determine if the material is what you expected. The more snapshots you elect to make the more overhead bandwidth is used and as far as questions and complaints go, we get far more regarding the bandwidth wasted in making these then we get from people requesting more, so you can't please everyone.

In addition, these snapshots are hosted on a server that bitcomet pays for and since it's a free service we are lucky they continue to do this. You're welcome to request they increase the amount of snapshots, or generate them from every file but unless you can suggest a way to pay for this I don't know if it would be seriously considered. This would also be forcing other members to use their bandwidth to provide your snapshots, so in my opinion this feature should remain as lean as possible.

We have had similar requests from members saying that in some torrents the snapshots are of "other" videos like advertisements and previews, not the actual film. This could be a problem, but in my mind I think I would avoid torrents that contain unwanted videos like that.

The bottom line is it's not a perfect world and we can't make everyone happy. If there was a solution that everyone could agree to and it wasn't costly to implement I'm sure the development team would consider it.

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Yes, snapshots are not part of bittorrent protocol, it was something that was added by bitcomet. Here is a basic overview of how it works.

If the torrent is authored by bitcomet, as the torrent is made the snapshots are developed and uploaded to bitcomet's server and identified by the torrents hash value, and each file itself is given a hash value so any other torrents containing the same file can be linked to it. When the next bitcomet user downloads this torrent the snapshots will be available to him.

If a torrent was made with another client there will be no snapshots available until the first bitcomet peer completes the download, then the snapshots will be developed and uploaded and from that moment on any new bitcomet peer will have snapshots available.

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