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Torrent Collection In Bitcomet

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Hello everyone and Eagle sir

First of all thank you all for creating such an awesome software the one and only Bitcomet...Eagle Sir and the development team you guys rock!!

I had a simple titbit to share with you all which I am sure many of you will have already noticed.

The "Torrent Collection" in the left hand pane is only filled when my connection is with a Bitcomet peer who is sharing some of their torrents.However since Bitcomet is not the most popular torrent downloader out there so most of the peers that I connect to are not found to be using Bitcomet but something else.

I personally feel that the torrent collection technology helps us to reclaim dead torrents since LT Seeds do exist most of the time.Even then I would like Eagle Sir to see if Bitcomet could scrape torrent collections from other clients--I use only Bitcomet so I have got no clue if the other clients have that technology or not.

Eagerly waiting for your replies and views. :)

Thanks Again

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Torrent collection and LTseed technology are both exclusive to bitcomet only. To date none of the other torrent clients have expressed any interest in incorporating this technology into their clients so it's unlikely you'll be able to share torrents with any other client.

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