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Emule Plugin not seeding

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Hello all wonderful people and the most awesome developer team out there.

I have recently downloaded the Xtreme mod of the famous eMule Plugin.

The downloads are working fine green arrows are in both ed2k and Kad.However the uploading stays at zero percent on my plugin even when there are many peers with incomplete downloads.

The BitComet uploading works fine.

My ports are ok and I have adjusted by settings in eMule so as to optimise my download/upload speeds even then uploads queue is empty.I have downloaded several files on the plugin through BitComet still uploads are zero the eDonkey networks.

Eagerly waiting for Eagle sir's response.

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Like all p2p protocols ed2k requires that you're connected to a peer that requests upload from you. The presence of incomplete peers isn't enough to assume there is a problem, it's likely they are already receiving as much as their bandwidth can handle. I've used the emule plugin for years, never tried the extreme version but I have witnessed difficulty uploading similar to a torrent with lots of seeders and few peers. Usually if you keep the tasks running they will upload and if any of the files are also shared in torrents you can upload to those bitcomet peers in the torrent swarms too. This is one feature that makes bitcomet unique, it can share using cross-protocol technology that as far as I'm aware no one else had developed.

My best guess is you probably just need to wait for a "hungry" peer and it will upload, but I will admit I have limited knowledge of ed2k protocol. I've studied how it interacts with bitcomet's cross protocol downloading, but as far as using it to download files on it's 0wn I've only done when I can't find something in a torrent. If you're certain there is actually a problem you might try emules forums, or install their stand alone client and see if it uploads on the same tasks.

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Sorry to disturb Eagle Sir and you all but I think all of you must listen to this carefully.

The eMule Plugin Xtreme mod for BitComet does not seed the torrents that you download when connected across both platforms.

BitComet will continue to seed but the eMule Plugin will not seed.

In order to upload/seed in emule you need to share the directory in which a FINISHED file is present , set the upload status to high and within minutes (if it is popular enough it will begin to seed) you will find downloaders in your eMule client.

That is the only way to seed in eMule...that is by using it as a standalone client.It is important because you need to maintain a good ratio on eMule.

BitComet will still show "data uploaded to eMule" as zero.

Let me know of your views.

Thanks for reading.

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If you're downloading a torrent bitcomet will only download some of the files from ed2k if it can find the identical files with matching hash values, so if your torrent shows download from emule, it will continue to upload to emule. If the torrent completes without any download from emule then it won't upload to emule.

When I was first beta testing the emule plugin we noticed that it was not only uploading, but if limits weren't set it was uploading considerably more thant it should have been. I believe they have found a way to balance the uploading so neither protocol dominates your bandwidth and as far as I know it works as I've described. Have you witnessed torrents download from emule and not upload even after an extended period of time?

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If you have a torrent that you've confirmed has ed2k peers I'll try it and let it seed for a few weeks, if I can't witness any upload I'll submit it to development.

Please avoid torrents for files much over a gigabyte or so and send me the magnet link.

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Try this one its 1.37GB movie


Info Hash - 17EC599385A2C877910081090DF16F41A3529C3D

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I started the torrent and removed all bittorrent trackers so it wouldn't complete before finding emule peers. After it got past 10% I also disabled LTseed so it would rely solely on emule. I see two connections, both with about 50% but the reason I'm not uploading to them is they are probably the same computer and the connections are each of the two files in the torrent.

If you are seeding this torrent check and see if you are uploading to emule peers now.

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I am no longer seeding this torrent anymore and its not on my hard-disc.

Are you able to upload to the emule peers even when you have not finished either of the two files entirely?

What I have noticed is that finished files when inserted in the eMule Shared Directory begin seeding smoothly...but thats only to the eMule peers not BitComet peers.I would like to stress that only completed files can be uploaded like this

Please confirm this to me-

(1)You are downloading it via Bitcomet and parallely with eMule.

(2)Even when the files are not finished eMule uploads them to both clients.

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Here is a screenshot showing emule uploading


After the download completed my upload speed to the peers increased, it's still only about 20kB/s but I suspect these two peers are very slow as I rarely got more then 2-3kB/s from them. After waiting about half an hour I enabled LTseed and the torrent completed in a few minutes.

If you like you can try redownloading the torrent, start it, remove all the bittorrent trackers, disable DHT and disable LTseed so it will only download from emule and we can see if my upload speeds up. It will probably be best to shut down all other torrents so our test isn't competing for bandwidth.

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I feel bad deleting it with these two peers stuck at half way, but they seem to be so slow that it would take a month of seeding which I can't do, so they are going to have to deal with that on their own.

The only thing I can suggest on your end is to check that your ports are open, the emule gui has a port checker and it uses a different port than bitcomet, it it's blocked you might have trouble uploading.

Also as I mentioned before, I'm far from an expert on emule. In fact when I switched computers I didn't even install it until a member asked for help, but every time I use it, it works as expected. If a torrent has emule peers I download and upload to them. Most torrents I use don't have emule peers though and with this torrent with only two very slow peers they weren't any help, but if the torrent had no seeders and stopped at 99% those emule peers would allow me to complete the download and in turn seed to the rest of the bittorrent peers. That is the beauty of the cross protocol downloading, not only does it help your speed, but it can revive a dead torrent in situations like this.

Good Luck

ps. You can also try the regular plugin, I've heard opinions from some serious emule users that the extreme mod isn't really an upgrade. Bitcomet offers it because it's a popular mod, but some believe it's just a cool name and nothing more.

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