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Some humble requests for the next bitcomet stable release

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First of all I would like to thank the entire developer team and the awesome admins for maintaining the software and the site.

I myself am not pro at writing programs and softwares. So I must apologize to the team that my demands might be a very difficult to carry out or too childish. Even then if you people would listen to me I would feel grateful.

Enough talking lets get down to business.

(1) Say I want to reseed a music album. My library is very neat and tidy but the torrent file has its files in a mess. So I need to mess up my music files in the same manner that the torrent has and then seed it. I find this a very cumbersome and time wasting. Software like eMule allow file hash checks and size checks to link same files. Such a feature would help people to share faster and keep their collection intact.

(2) Live feeds from some popular file sharing sites, TorrentFreak and so on.

(3) Live chatting with the online users..I know thats too much of a demand and Eagle Sir would kill me for that.

(4) The floating window needs a new makeover. Like customizable colours for background and for upload/download.

Once again I must say that I am not a pro in these stuff so please dont get mad at me developer team.

If the team is willing to apply even one of these features I will be very grateful.

Thanks for reading

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1. bittorrent protocol requires the torrent have every bit exactly in place. It doesn't even see any specific files, just a bunch of pieces of data and if you make even the tiniest change, it will fail hash check.

There is nothing bitcomet can do to change this.

2. Torrent news feeds from torrent freak is a great idea, but we cannot display or recommend any torrent downloads. We can point you to some torrent sites, but nothing more.

3. As you are probably aware bitcomet did have chat feature incorporated into earlier versions. You could open a chat session with any bitcomet peer, but this was rarely used. It would have been nice if others used it and if other clients joined in, but it was tried and failed. I also think if it did become popular it would need moderation and there are no funds to hire the full time teams that this would require in every supported language.

You can still use these older versions, I think chat was removed in version 0.71, but you'd have to check the release notes to be sure. If you did try this you'd have to have a friend using a version that also supports it in order for it to work, and you'd both have to be connected peers in the same torrent.

4. I have personally chosen to disable the floating window so I'm not sure what advantage would be gained by changing it.

Summary: I only administrate this forum, so I cannot speak for development, but I do like the idea of having an RSS feed for torrentfreak and/or other torrent news sites in the client. Some may not like bitcomet making connections without their permission so it would have to be optional. The real question is will the development team agree it's a good idea, be willing to invest the time it takes and get permission from these news sites. Although I do think it would be nice, I just don't know if it would be practical.

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Hmm ok lets keep fingers crossed about the rss suggestion.

In the mean time I have got another one to suggest.

(5) Some torrents have trackers which are very much dead. Only one or two trackers are able to keep the swarm alive. How about introducing something like a torrent exchange just like peer exchange which adds more trackers which are alive to my client when I connect across peers.

Thanks again

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The "dead tracker" issue has nothing to do with bitcomet, it's caused by some massive disinformation spread across the internet leading torrent authors to add random trackers to their torrents. This is of no benefit and infuriates tracker admins when their trackers get hammered with constant connection attempts from unregistered torrents. I've heard that some trackers have even banned the IP addresses of users that hammer their trackers like this, even though it may not be the users fault.

In other words if someone has told you to add trackers to your torrent, you've been given very bad advice and there is no way bitcomet is going to help people to abuse trackers in this way. In addition many of these trackers you refer to as "very much dead" are working fine, they just don't recognise your torrent and since the author didn't register it on their tracker, they cannot track it.

The only exception to this are "open trackers", but you really only need one working tracker, and you don't even need that if dht is enabled and working.

Lastly, if you do this on a torrent tracked by a private tracker you will eventually be caught and banned. Every private tracker I know of won't even consider "I didn't know" as a defense, if it's in their rules, you are obligated to know before you use the tracker.

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