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Comet Player and lyric issue


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Please forgive me if this falls into the category of duplicate posting, but I had to because of these questions I have regarding lyric display of Cometplayer.

1. As we all know the CP searches the net for lyrics to be displayed. My question is does it search a particular site e.g: vvlyric or all other sites for the lyric?

If the answer to this question is only one site then what needs to be done is to upload the lyrics to that site but, what if this is not the case then

2. How can I tag a song to a lyric site where I know for sure of that lyrics existence so that it is diplayed?

Sometimes what happes to me is that I download a song and play it in CP the lyrics are displayed all's well then I edit some of the the tags using a tag editor the next thing that goes wrong is the lyrics stop showing. I think if there was a way to re-tag the song to a site all our problems would disappear, is there a way.

Thanks for your consideration

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