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REQ: time-slice, round-robin seeding feature

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I've got like thousand of torrents. But am on a crappy non-fibre broadband line.

I like to seed to contribute to community.

However, the default/recommended settings is like "Number of active torrents (upload or download) = 8". Yes I could set this higher, but that would kill my router & BB line. I understand there's a setting for automatically switching off a torrent when the seeders ratio gets past a threshold.

but am wondering if anyone know if it's possible to automatically time-slice, round-robin, time-share the seeding amount the thousand of torrents? Such as seed these 10 for 1 hour, then switch to the next 10 in the queue, etc. and so forth.

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a "queue shuffling" option might be nice for someone who wants to seed a large number of torrents long term via bittorrent, however if you simply pick a small number of tasks to run (seed) and leave the others off but with LTseed enabled, the rest (including all public torrents)will continue to seed to other bitcomet peers via LTseed protocol at any time that there is unused upload bandwidth. BitComet will give preference to bittorrent seeding first, then any unused bandwith will be dedicated to LTseed and will use intelligent resource management so that you upload the tasks that are in need of LTseed uploaders. You could even shut down all the tasks and allow LTseed to handle all your available bandwidth, but please make sure you keep your bittorrent tasks running to at least a ratio of 1.0 or higher so non-bitcomet peers get a share equal or greater than that which you received from them. This will assure you are a good peer to all.

In addition, by being a LTseed peer you can be helpful to all peers if (for example) a bitcomet peer joins a torrent without seeders and is able to complete the torrent using LTseed peers, it will then become a bittorrent seeder and help all the other users to complete the torrent which would otherwise never finish.

Maybe you will find this suggestion will satisfy your desire to share, but I will pass this suggestion onto development next time we speak. I do think it is a reasonable request, but please understand that this would be a low priority request and it would be unlikely to see it implemented anytime soon so I don't want you to get your hopes up.

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